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Marjan Poursharifi

Født: 21.3.1977
Bosted: Trondheim, Trøndelag


Om forfatteren

My name is Marjan Poursharifi. I am from Iran. I came to Trondheim in august 2020 by supporting the Icorn organization, Icorn is an organization which supports writers and artists who have political problems in their own countries.

It is about 15 years that I have started to write, I have published my first poetry book in my homeland, I have also published two books here in Norway in Farsi language, one of them is poetry that named: A bird is within me and the other is small stories about my life that named: Through Forty.

I have studied art for four years in art school and graduated in Graphic designs from Art university of Tehran, I do paint and illustrating. My first painting exhibition was in February 2022 in Trondheim and now I am preparing and painting for the second exhibition and probably I will have it in Oslo. I am an assistant art teacher in the culture school of Trondheim but most of the time I am busy with my writing and painting.

The most relevant topic I write about, or paint is Woman, Life and Freedom, especially for the women in my country who are under obligatory dictators of Islamic Republic.